Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You All Saw This Coming

You'll recall that the last episode of Simcentric was filled with odd people visiting Nathan and Molly's house. Well, people are still lining up to see them, apparently. Some old dude in a cowboy hat showed up, and Nathan's had enough of people randomly ringing his doorbell, so he just went out and shooed the guy away.

Just a few hours later, the doorbell rang again! Molly, fresh from a dip in the pool, goes to chase off the unwanted visitor. To her surprise, it's not a stranger. It's her boss, Shamus.

Shamus and Molly have an odd history. Even though she's a cute young twenty-something and he's her married, balding, vaguely shrewish-looking boss, there has always been sexual tension between them. She invites him in, and it's not long before that old tension comes back.

They kissed, and he spent the night, but not in Molly's bed. When she went to sleep, he crawled into Nathan's bed (Nathan was down in his shed at the time). In the morning, Nathan wanted to go to bed, but found Shamus sleeping in it, so he yelled at Shamus to GTFO. Shamus and Molly headed to work in separate cars, and Molly was instructed to perform a free clinic.

See that nice fence and gate? Yeah that's because the free clinic is held at the graveyard for some reason. Not the most optimistic location to treat sick people.

A few days pass, and Molly decides she's really going to put the moves on Shamus. Wife or no, he will be hers! She puts on a cute little sparkly dress and gets ready to invite him over.

They sit on the couch and make small talk for a few moments, and then Molly can wait no longer. She makes her move!

That goes well, and after some sweet make-outs, she leads him upstairs to her bedroom, where he gives her the wickedest bedroom eyes I have ever seen.

Clearly he is sending out "let's get frisky" vibes, so Molly leans in for a lil' somethin', and he shockingly pushes her away.

"How DARE you try to kiss me! Just because I made out with you on the couch five minutes ago and then gave you sexy eyes AS HARD AS I COULD doesn't mean I want to have sex with you! What kind of doctor do you think I am? Hmph!" 

Poor Molly, in her confusion, is wracked with guilt. She is a Good sim, but she just tried to seduce her boss, a married man. What has she done? She has a rude awakening, probably made ruder by the realization that Shamus isn't even attractive, and she ends their affair immediately.

She righteously kicks Shamus out of the house, and then not-so-righteously gets into her PJs, sits on her bed and sobs. Nathan is in bed, but he hears her crying and goes to investigate. Because he is such a super pal, he hops on her bed and gives her comforting hugs.

Aww! Just look at her happy little squinty eyes! Wait, was that racist? I didn't mean like, Asian squinty, I meant happy squinty. Shut up! YOU'RE racist!

We've all seen enough movies to see where this is going. Molly is all emotional and weepy, plus sexually frustrated 'cause she didn't get to hump Shamus (thank god), and Nathan is, well, a dude, and so...

Yeah, they boned.