Monday, May 17, 2010

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This is about Addie Roth, the most interesting sim I've had in some time. Unfortunately, I have not been documenting Addie's life so far. It's been a fun-filled drama-fest, which is what prompted the creation of a blog in her honor. So I'll just have to start you in the middle and fill you in as we go.

We first see our heroine as she fixes the broken kitchen sink. Addie (just Addie; it's not short for anything) is in her mid-twenties, athletic, stylish, and quite pretty. She's very ambitious (and a Workaholic), but she isn't sure what she wants to do with her life yet. She's currently trying out pro sports, but it isn't quite doing it for her. Still, in order to fulfill her lifetime aspiration, Jack of All Trades, she needs to reach level 5 of 4 different careers, so she'll have to put up with several other less-than-satisfying occupations before settling on the right path.

In the background there you can see one of Addie's mothers, Agnes. If you have The Sims 3, you will recognize the name of Agnes Crumplebottom. Both of her mothers are a tad eccentric; Agnes, here seen reading at the kitchen table in her swimsuit and sunglasses at night, is a painter. Elizabeth, my own creation, is a writer of science fiction, humor and nonfiction. Both are avid readers (Bookworms). Painting, writing and reading voraciously are all things that crazy eccentric people enjoy.

Addie Has Two Mommies.

Agnes and Elizabeth stay home all day and paint and write, respectively, and neither has much in the way of practical skills. It's up to Addie to fix things around the house, which is why, even after a long day of working at the sports stadium and then going directly to City Hall to give a speech on (funny enough) public speaking, she comes home to find a leaky faucet and growing puddle on the wood floor, then stays up well past her bedtime with wrench in hand.

Addie spends a lot of time working from home on her laptop, so it's no surprise that she's been quickly promoted to level 5 of the Athlete career, and is now a Rookie.
Just look at her cute little hat!

Addie immediately gets the wish to Change Jobs, and as soon as she's home she calls the stadium and quits. She doesn't want to miss a day of productivity, though; she is saving up to buy a house of her own, after all. She loves Agnes and Elizabeth, but she's had enough of living in their fixed-up cabin on the edge of town. So what will she do with all her athleticism, logical mind, charisma, and dedication?

Join the military and scrub latrines.

But it's Sunday, and she has the day off! Addie usually spends her free time doing one of three things: working from home, exercising at the gym, or trying desperately to fill the void in her romantic life by spending time with one of the numerous love interests she has in town.

Addie spends all morning at the gym, then heads home for a nap. At about 8 p.m. she makes a late-night trip to the grocery store to get some apples, her favorite snack. While walking home through the park, she runs into one of the aforementioned romantic interests.

Derik Schmitz is Athletic, Artistic, a Computer Whiz, a Coward, and a Light Sleeper. He's a bit older than she is, but she's had a crush on him ever since she was a teenager and he was a young adult. They've been friends since then, but every romantic advance she's made toward him since becoming an adult herself has been met with polite refusal. Many, many times she's met him somewhere romantic, like a secluded park or beach, or at the pool, and spent hours talking and laughing with him -- sometimes even flirting successfully! -- but she moves in for an amorous hug or a kiss and he raises his hands to fend her off. He just isn't interested. She's starting to wonder if maybe he's secretly gay, but still, she is not deterred. They're both very tired and on their way home, but they stop for some witty astronaut-related banter. Addie starts to feel a little frisky, and she decides to go in for a kiss yet another time, already prepared for rejection.

To her -- and my -- great surprise, he does not pull away. They kiss a few more times, then decide they should both really get some sleep. Addie kisses him goodbye and he turns to leave, and as he's walking away he makes this face:

Uh-oh. What's that all about, then? Is he thinking he just made a big mistake? Did he just see a ravenous wolverine* charging at him? Or did he eat some bad chili? Hopefully it doesn't mean heartbreak on the horizon for our heroine.

Addie is so elated and exhausted that she goes straight to bed upon arriving at home, not even caring that either Agnes or Elizabeth managed to break her laptop while she was away even though they're not supposed to touch it. Agnes really likes to play Xtreme snowboarding games, and when Elizabeth is using the other computer in the house for her writing, Agnes gets antsy and sneaks onto Addie's laptop. I'm always chasing her off of it and telling her to go scrub the toilet or read a book or something else old ladies do.

Addie dreams about starting her new career tomorrow. Her dreams also have recurring themes of muscled men, garbage, fish, and astronauts. I think she really likes astronauts.

* Which is still better than a ravenous Wolverine charging at you.

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