Saturday, September 24, 2011

Babies as Plot Devices

Weeks have passed since Nathan and Molly did the no-pants dance. Neither has said a word about it. They're pretty much just pretending it never happened, while also avoiding the hell out of each other. Nathan's beard and hair continue to grow.

Molly's little romantic interlude with her boss Shamus ended up costing her a lot of job performance, even though their platonic relationship levels are still high. In a fit of (heartbroken?) insanity, Shamus called Nathan and ranted for a while. I don't speak Simlish, but their conversation seemed amiable enough.

A few days later Shamus called Nathan again, this time asking Nathan to fix his stereo. But Nathan has no desire to be friends with Shamus, so he hung up on him. Hopefully he won't call again.

 Life continues as usual, but Molly has a secret...

She has no idea how to tell Nathan. He blithely goes around tinkering and playing guitar, oblivious to the fact that Molly has been reading pregnancy books and staying home from work. Molly knows how unobservant Nathan is, or she would worry he'd find out. I mean, Nathan is the kind of guy who will stand in the middle of the living room and loudly play guitar even though you are trying to watch Cookin' Cable.

Finally, Molly realizes she can no longer hide her pregnancy from Nathan, seeing as how she has to walk with her fat pregnant belly all jutting out like so:

She catches Nathan in the laundry room and says she has something important to tell him. Nathan says uh-huh, uh-huh, only half paying attention.

"I'm pregnant."

He takes it pretty well, considering. After all, he IS a father already, even if he hasn't seen his sons since Heather took them away years ago. But he's willing to start anew and try to start another family.

Since they'll be raising a child together, Nathan figures they should probably start acting like a couple.

"So, uh, do you wanna, you know, go steady...? Or.. something?"

Molly readily agreed. I'm not sure how the two feel about each other. Nathan is following in the footsteps of his father by accidentally knocking up a lady but deciding to stick with her and the kid. They are definitely still best friends, and it could be argued that two best friends are likely to do as well as, if not better than, a traditional couple at parenting.

Nathan is actually kind of excited. He cooks dinner to celebrate!

It's business as usual for a few months, except that Molly goes to the spa for massages a lot, and they are no longer ignoring each other. Then it's time to pull the bun out of the oven.


And so Nathan gains a pair of twin girls to balance out the twin boys he already has. They are named Lucy and Maggie. The boys' room still pretty much exists the way Heather left it, but since it'll be housing two beautiful baby girls now, it needs a makeover.


And after:

Nathan and Molly have certainly got some challenges ahead of them, but at least they're in a good position to raise children. They already have a large house, steady income, and about 75,000 simoleons saved. And despite Molly's Chinese heritage, they don't live in China, so they don't have to sell their baby girls and try again for a boy. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You All Saw This Coming

You'll recall that the last episode of Simcentric was filled with odd people visiting Nathan and Molly's house. Well, people are still lining up to see them, apparently. Some old dude in a cowboy hat showed up, and Nathan's had enough of people randomly ringing his doorbell, so he just went out and shooed the guy away.

Just a few hours later, the doorbell rang again! Molly, fresh from a dip in the pool, goes to chase off the unwanted visitor. To her surprise, it's not a stranger. It's her boss, Shamus.

Shamus and Molly have an odd history. Even though she's a cute young twenty-something and he's her married, balding, vaguely shrewish-looking boss, there has always been sexual tension between them. She invites him in, and it's not long before that old tension comes back.

They kissed, and he spent the night, but not in Molly's bed. When she went to sleep, he crawled into Nathan's bed (Nathan was down in his shed at the time). In the morning, Nathan wanted to go to bed, but found Shamus sleeping in it, so he yelled at Shamus to GTFO. Shamus and Molly headed to work in separate cars, and Molly was instructed to perform a free clinic.

See that nice fence and gate? Yeah that's because the free clinic is held at the graveyard for some reason. Not the most optimistic location to treat sick people.

A few days pass, and Molly decides she's really going to put the moves on Shamus. Wife or no, he will be hers! She puts on a cute little sparkly dress and gets ready to invite him over.

They sit on the couch and make small talk for a few moments, and then Molly can wait no longer. She makes her move!

That goes well, and after some sweet make-outs, she leads him upstairs to her bedroom, where he gives her the wickedest bedroom eyes I have ever seen.

Clearly he is sending out "let's get frisky" vibes, so Molly leans in for a lil' somethin', and he shockingly pushes her away.

"How DARE you try to kiss me! Just because I made out with you on the couch five minutes ago and then gave you sexy eyes AS HARD AS I COULD doesn't mean I want to have sex with you! What kind of doctor do you think I am? Hmph!" 

Poor Molly, in her confusion, is wracked with guilt. She is a Good sim, but she just tried to seduce her boss, a married man. What has she done? She has a rude awakening, probably made ruder by the realization that Shamus isn't even attractive, and she ends their affair immediately.

She righteously kicks Shamus out of the house, and then not-so-righteously gets into her PJs, sits on her bed and sobs. Nathan is in bed, but he hears her crying and goes to investigate. Because he is such a super pal, he hops on her bed and gives her comforting hugs.

Aww! Just look at her happy little squinty eyes! Wait, was that racist? I didn't mean like, Asian squinty, I meant happy squinty. Shut up! YOU'RE racist!

We've all seen enough movies to see where this is going. Molly is all emotional and weepy, plus sexually frustrated 'cause she didn't get to hump Shamus (thank god), and Nathan is, well, a dude, and so...

Yeah, they boned.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Strange Company

Molly the matchmaker really wants to see Nathan and Precious get together, so one day after dinner she urges Nathan to invite Precious over. It doesn't take much convincing, but he still doesn't seem too thrilled about it.

After about half an hour, the doorbell rings, and I catch Precious being WAY too excited to hang out with Nathan and Molly.

Molly welcomes Precious into their house and stands in front of the door chatting with her for about 15 minutes while Nathan chills in the living room and reads a book. It seems he couldn't care less about entertaining his romantic interest. Finally Nathan figures he should at least spend some time with her since she came all this way. He calls her into the living room, where they sit and chat chastely as if they were stuck in the 1800s.

Gotta dig those boots though.

Suddenly they stand up and start dancing, even though there is no music playing. I paused the game to take a picture and noticed that Nathan had a creepy expression befitting the scene of two people awkwardly gyrating in silence.

Despite the terribly uncomfortable beginning their "date" had (if you could call it a date), after this they wound up kissing, making out, and spending the night together. I guess the beard and wild caveman hair give Nathan a sort of animal allure? Danger is sexy, right?

Nothing says sexy quite like "I might kill you, bury you in my backyard and wear your scalp as a wig."

The next day, Nathan got up, ate leftover mac n cheese for breakfast, and got to work in his inventing shed. He ignored Precious until she got hungry and went home.

Meanwhile, Molly is making brave new advances in the name of medical science! She has this new treatment, but she can't get anyone to test it for her. Being a hardcore doctor, she decides to try it out on herself.

Only the most hardcore medical professionals attempt this. Dr. Heiter didn't have the cojones to try his human centipede idea on himself first.

Maybe if you weren't asking folks to swallow a red and blue Matrix pill the size of a goose egg, lady. Nonetheless, Molly takes a deep breath and crams it in her mouth like a champ.

(That's what he said.)

Then she makes the most godawful face. I just had to screencap it.

Chodo II: Tokyo Chodo. (That one's for Sienna.)

Then some shady underground pharmaceutical company sends her a check for $101 and she passes out on the floor.

And apparently Precious has not left the house, like I thought. Nathan comes in from many hours of inventing and is shocked to find her dancing in the entryway, stinking up the place with her unshowered post-sex stench.

Thankfully she left soon after.

The doorbell rings unexpectedly, and I see this French-lookin', beret-wearin' motherlover standing on their porch.

Molly answered the door and he just started talking to her. He didn't say who he was or why he was there, but Molly, being the kind and gracious host that she is, was all, "Uhh, would you... like to come inside...?"

He did, and then started arguing with her. It was very one-sided, since he just yelled at her while she shrugged and gave him a look that said, "What on earth are you talking about?"

Then he helped himself to their couch and TV. Molly sat in the living room and tried to make conversation with him, but he wasn't paying attention at all; he just zoned out on the boob tube. Eventually she got fed up and politely, but firmly asked him to leave. "Thanks!" he said. "I had fun, we should do this again sometime."

Nathan returned to his shed and found that the invention he'd been working on was somehow almost finished even though it was only half done when he left it. Then I noticed something odd.

I don't think I've mentioned the fact that Nathan built a mechanical gnome. Because, you know, the regular Magical Mr. Gnomes weren't creepy enough. He wanted a gnome with glowing yellow eyes and razor-sharp jagged beard shards jutting out at all angles. But apparently the mechanical gnome is helping him with his inventions, so he can't be all bad. Unless he modified the invention to make it go on a murderous rampage. I guess we'll find out!

Another day passes uneventfully and there is another unexpected visitor. Nathan answers the door this time.

Her name is Holly Greenwood, and she is a green thumb and all eco-aware or whatever. A hippie in a tweed blazer. She and Nathan chitchat about the environment and recycling for a bit. Nathan is not the generous host that Molly is however, and pretty soon he goes back inside without so much as a "see ya later." Holly wanders off down the street. Man, sims are weird.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Precious

You know how sometimes I play the game and take lots of pictures but don't remember to write anything to go with the pictures? Yeah, I did that... so I don't remember what half this stuff is. Still, enjoy!


Molly moved in, by the way. They're best pals, and Molly was struggling in a crappy apartment while paying for medical school, so Nathan offered her one of the extra rooms upstairs. She's adorable. When she moved in I learned that she is Brave, Good, Neat and Friendly in addition to being a Loner. So, pretty much the best sim ever.

Nathan, despite his healthy friendship with Molly, is still a bit depressed. He's also still growing out his hair and beard, so he has a nice Charles Manson look going on.

His inventing skills are really skyrocketing. He managed to build some sort of contraption that lets you dig in the earth for gems.

The first time he used it, it was 2 a.m. and about six of his neighbors ran into the yard and frowned HARD at him while clamping their hands over their ears. He was just so excited to test his new invention! It wasn't all that useful though, so he sold it. And it left a huge hole in the yard which he had to fill in.

Because he needed something to make him look MORE like a serial killer.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Nathan got electrocuted while inventing, and I guess the shock was so powerful that it knocked his clothes right off, because you can see them sitting right there on the floor.

Molly decided that it would be good for Nathan to get out and socialize more, so she set him up with a friend of hers named Precious Mark. Don't look at me, I'm not the one who named her. At least it's not Precious Roy from Sifl and Olly.

On the day of their outing, Nathan sat there and waited for Precious to arrive... and waited... and waited...

Finally a cute girl came up and introduced herself as Precious.

She seemed nice enough, and their date went pretty well, but it was also pretty bland, so it didn't really give me any material to work with. I'm sure Nathan will be seeing more of Precious, though.