Saturday, December 4, 2010

Movin' On Up

With the money he's making from solving cases, Nathan can afford to buy a house now. So in the middle of the night, he moves...

... to the crappy little trailer directly across the street from Odin and Heather's crappy little trailer.

Howdy, neighbor!

This way he can be closer to Heather, and keep an eye on Odin. Just waiting for Odin to slip up so he can make his move...

The trailer even comes amazingly badly furnished, so Nathan now has all the amenities of a proper home.

Once again, Nathan doesn't want to be recognized, so he starts taming his wild black hair, shaving, and wearing fake glasses. He adopts the role of friendly new neighbor and goes across the street to introduce himself.

Odin invites him inside. Nathan is disappointed to see that Heather isn't home, but he does see Ginny McDermott there, and Odin is looking at her with a peculiar expression.

 Is it... love?

If Odin was having an affair with Ginny, that would be great. Fingers crossed!

Since Heather isn't around, Nathan soon leaves to work on some cases. He'll try again another day. The next afternoon, he calls Heather up and invites her over. She agrees.

He greets her at the door and then excuses himself for a moment. He checks his appearance, furiously brushes his teeth, and changes out of his boring work clothes.

He makes them salad for dinner, because he remembers Heather likes salad (and because it's one of the three meals he knows how to make).

After dinner, they stand in his kitchen and talk well into the night. They have reached the relationship level of Friends! Eeeeexcellent. Nathan finally sends Heather home when he's too exhausted to stand up straight.

Things continue like this for a while. Nathan solves cases by day and hangs out with Heather every night. Their friendship is blooming.

Finally, they have become best friends. Nathan decides today is the day he will kiss Heather. He's a Great Kisser, so he's pretty sure that if he can just get her to pucker up, it will seal the deal and she'll be his forever. He spends all day cleaning his trailer and getting ready, then invites her over.

She greets him with a hug -- a good start.

Nathan pours some wine, but Heather doesn't drink any. Instead she empties the glasses into the sink and cleans them. Heather cleans every time she comes over... I think she's a neat freak.

Nathan decides to make his move right then and there. He compliments her personality and her appearance, and for the first time, she does not scorn him.

Feeling encouraged, he confesses his attraction for her and pleads for her to leave her husband Odin. She agrees! She and Odin are over. Nathan moves in for a kiss, but his cell phone ruins the moment!

He angrily answers his phone and angrily accepts the offered case from a bewildered client. A few minutes later, in the living room, he tries again. And then they have a long, awkward moment.

But still. SUCCESS! 

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  1. That picture with Nathan and Heather eating salad is hilarious to me. It's like they're both realising what's in it, and they are not impressed.