Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Competition & Recognition

It's a big day today. Nathan will meet with Odin Crosby and find out how stiff the competition for Heather's love is. He wakes up at 6 a.m. and starts the day by doing some karate moves in his underwear. Then he puts on some sunglasses and a fake beard, because what if Heather already told Odin all about the crazy guy who tried to seduce her? If he's recognized right away, he might just get his ass beat. A disguise is definitely the way to go.

Nathan drives over to the address Odin gave him. Yes! Now he knows where Heather lives! And they live in a crappy little trailer.

At least they don't live in a big mansion or something. Nathan's underground cave would hardly measure up to that.

Odin is waiting outside when Nathan arrives.


After Nathan finds out what Odin wants for the case, Heather walks through the front yard on her way to work, and Nathan almost loses his shit.

Thank goodness he put on that disguise. She barely even glanced at him.

Sensing an opportunity to find out more about Heather, Nathan starts buttering up Odin. He compliments him on all sorts of things, and then he asks to come inside. Odin is quite friendly, actually. They end up watching TV together.

Odin has to leave for work, so he politely suggests that Nathan take leave of his home. Nathan watches Odin leave, then instead of going home, he takes a nap in their bed.

It probably smells just like Heather.

After his nap, he raids their fridge. He's having some toast and jam when someone comes in the door.

Ack! It's Heather! And he's still in his PJs/tuxedo, with no sunglasses! He quickly changes back into his disguise and introduces himself as a friend of Odin.

"Oh, sure, Odin said it was totally cool for me to hang out here while he's at work..."

Heather totally falls for it, and he starts chatting her up. He's telling her jokes, making her laugh... she even likes the ghost story he tells her! Usually people look at him like he's crazy when he does that.

He is very tired though, so he goes home and goes to bed at about 6 p.m. Kind of early, but for some reason he's exhausted, even with that nap. The next morning he again wears the disguise and goes out to dig up some dirt on Buzz Rhodes, by Odin's request.

Buzz Rhodes has a beautiful home. Nathan wonders if this is blackmail for monetary gain. He starts by looking through Buzz's mail for anything suspicious.

Then he digs in the garbage for clues.

Finally, he peeps in Buzz's windows.

But there's no evidence of anything illegal or embarrassing going on at the Rhodes house. Buzz is squeaky clean! Nathan returns to Odin to report his findings, and I get this message:

"Odin Crosby looked at me like a cornered animal with just a hint of rabid fascination. I'm not sure I was working for the right individual. I'll just take my money and consider this case closed!"

Uh-oh. Maybe Odin knows more than he lets on. Or maybe he's just a crazy dude. It could be all the testosterone, or steroids. Seriously, did you SEE those biceps?

I guess word's getting around that Nathan is pretty good at solving cases, because the mayor wants to give him some kind of investigator's award bullshit. So he goes and gets that, and as he's exiting city hall, he gets a phone call about another case.

This time Ginny McDermott's toes are getting bruised every night, and she doesn't know why. Sounds more like a case for a doctor, but whatever.

Ginny thinks her neighbor Rhoda Bagley has something to do with it. Nathan thinks Ginny is a paranoid, uneducated country girl, but he promises to question Rhoda.

When he meets Rhoda, he starts thinking maybe Ginny isn't so paranoid after all. Rhoda looks like a person who would break into people's homes and smash their toes while they're sleeping.

But when Nathan questions her about Ginny, she laughs and tells him that every night, Ginny sleepwalks outside and kicks garden gnomes. The doctors at the hospital confirm that Ginny has been treated for sleepwalking in the past. Nathan approaches Ginny later that night to tell her what's up, and he catches her daydreaming about Walker, Texas Ranger.

Ginny laughs and admits that she does have problems with somnambulism. The gnome will be padded to prevent the bruising of Ginny's poor widdle toes when she kicks it. Case solved!