Saturday, September 24, 2011

Babies as Plot Devices

Weeks have passed since Nathan and Molly did the no-pants dance. Neither has said a word about it. They're pretty much just pretending it never happened, while also avoiding the hell out of each other. Nathan's beard and hair continue to grow.

Molly's little romantic interlude with her boss Shamus ended up costing her a lot of job performance, even though their platonic relationship levels are still high. In a fit of (heartbroken?) insanity, Shamus called Nathan and ranted for a while. I don't speak Simlish, but their conversation seemed amiable enough.

A few days later Shamus called Nathan again, this time asking Nathan to fix his stereo. But Nathan has no desire to be friends with Shamus, so he hung up on him. Hopefully he won't call again.

 Life continues as usual, but Molly has a secret...

She has no idea how to tell Nathan. He blithely goes around tinkering and playing guitar, oblivious to the fact that Molly has been reading pregnancy books and staying home from work. Molly knows how unobservant Nathan is, or she would worry he'd find out. I mean, Nathan is the kind of guy who will stand in the middle of the living room and loudly play guitar even though you are trying to watch Cookin' Cable.

Finally, Molly realizes she can no longer hide her pregnancy from Nathan, seeing as how she has to walk with her fat pregnant belly all jutting out like so:

She catches Nathan in the laundry room and says she has something important to tell him. Nathan says uh-huh, uh-huh, only half paying attention.

"I'm pregnant."

He takes it pretty well, considering. After all, he IS a father already, even if he hasn't seen his sons since Heather took them away years ago. But he's willing to start anew and try to start another family.

Since they'll be raising a child together, Nathan figures they should probably start acting like a couple.

"So, uh, do you wanna, you know, go steady...? Or.. something?"

Molly readily agreed. I'm not sure how the two feel about each other. Nathan is following in the footsteps of his father by accidentally knocking up a lady but deciding to stick with her and the kid. They are definitely still best friends, and it could be argued that two best friends are likely to do as well as, if not better than, a traditional couple at parenting.

Nathan is actually kind of excited. He cooks dinner to celebrate!

It's business as usual for a few months, except that Molly goes to the spa for massages a lot, and they are no longer ignoring each other. Then it's time to pull the bun out of the oven.


And so Nathan gains a pair of twin girls to balance out the twin boys he already has. They are named Lucy and Maggie. The boys' room still pretty much exists the way Heather left it, but since it'll be housing two beautiful baby girls now, it needs a makeover.


And after:

Nathan and Molly have certainly got some challenges ahead of them, but at least they're in a good position to raise children. They already have a large house, steady income, and about 75,000 simoleons saved. And despite Molly's Chinese heritage, they don't live in China, so they don't have to sell their baby girls and try again for a boy. Hooray!

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