Monday, February 28, 2011

My Precious

You know how sometimes I play the game and take lots of pictures but don't remember to write anything to go with the pictures? Yeah, I did that... so I don't remember what half this stuff is. Still, enjoy!


Molly moved in, by the way. They're best pals, and Molly was struggling in a crappy apartment while paying for medical school, so Nathan offered her one of the extra rooms upstairs. She's adorable. When she moved in I learned that she is Brave, Good, Neat and Friendly in addition to being a Loner. So, pretty much the best sim ever.

Nathan, despite his healthy friendship with Molly, is still a bit depressed. He's also still growing out his hair and beard, so he has a nice Charles Manson look going on.

His inventing skills are really skyrocketing. He managed to build some sort of contraption that lets you dig in the earth for gems.

The first time he used it, it was 2 a.m. and about six of his neighbors ran into the yard and frowned HARD at him while clamping their hands over their ears. He was just so excited to test his new invention! It wasn't all that useful though, so he sold it. And it left a huge hole in the yard which he had to fill in.

Because he needed something to make him look MORE like a serial killer.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Nathan got electrocuted while inventing, and I guess the shock was so powerful that it knocked his clothes right off, because you can see them sitting right there on the floor.

Molly decided that it would be good for Nathan to get out and socialize more, so she set him up with a friend of hers named Precious Mark. Don't look at me, I'm not the one who named her. At least it's not Precious Roy from Sifl and Olly.

On the day of their outing, Nathan sat there and waited for Precious to arrive... and waited... and waited...

Finally a cute girl came up and introduced herself as Precious.

She seemed nice enough, and their date went pretty well, but it was also pretty bland, so it didn't really give me any material to work with. I'm sure Nathan will be seeing more of Precious, though.

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