Monday, June 6, 2016

All Maggie's Parties

No one who just looked at these girls would ever guess that they were twins.

Lucy still very much wants to pick up photography, but she still hasn't been able to find a camera anywhere in town. I thought there MUST be a place to get a camera in town, but I asked Google, and you have to travel to a foreign country to get one. Seriously! Simerica does not manufacture cameras. Because Nathan loves his daughter, he sets off to France to find her a bloody camera.

Gonna find the hell out of that camera.

 He arrives in France looking dapper as usual.

"Excuse me, do you have any cameras? I would have just bought one in my home country, but it seems you snail-eating weirdies are hoarding them all, and you don't ship overseas."

Nathan was only able to find the cheapest of cheap cameras. It wasn't until he'd already returned home that I found out Egypt has all the best cameras. Here I figured it'd be France, with all their snooty photographers and film directors. Ah well.

My game playing has been reduced to rushing the girls through the school week so I can get to the weekend and have Maggie throw more awesome parties. I guess that's pretty much how high school goes. Except most high schoolers don't have excellent and wealthy parents who let them throw parties at their house.

Lucy and Ian continue to socialize at Maggie's parties, but not really outside of them.

Celina, Shamus's daughter, gave Lucy a weird frown while she was talking to Ian.

I thought maybe Ian and Celina were involved, and Celina was jealous of Lucy. But it turned out Lucy and Ian were just standing in the way of the plate of cookies Celina wanted to get to. She wasn't crazy jealous, she was just crazy hungry.

Lucy and Ian moved out to the back deck to get some air and converse where it was quieter.

Nathan, being a Loner, was stressed out by so many people being in his house, so he escaped to the museum. Where he got stuck, apparently, because hours after the party ended and he was nowhere to be found, I realized he was still at the museum, standing in a corner, in the dark, being really really hungry and sad.

At another party, Ian's sister made it clear that she did not approve of Lucy dating her brother.

The party was actually supposed to be in the town center, but I goofed and selected the community garden instead. It's a bit difficult to have a party in a maze of fences and flower bushes, but Maggie pulled it off anyway. She's just that good at partying.

During yet another party, this time at the house again, Nathan and Molly visited the museum to get out of the house. Molly had an interesting encounter with a young woman who felt nauseous and loudly proclaimed, "GEE I DON'T FEEL GOOD! I SURE WISH THERE WAS A DOCTOR AROUND!" She might as well have yelled it right in Molly's face. Maybe she did. She clearly knew Molly was a doctor at any rate, as evidenced by her thought bubbles:

Molly of course helped the poor woman by giving her a funny look and wiggling her index finger in circles at her.

Did I mention that Molly rejoined the medical career? She still writes in her spare time, but now that the girls are teenagers, she has the time to be a surgeon again. While doing a free vaccination clinic, she ran into Bill Racket, the kinda gross, mean dude that Heather (almost) cheated on Nathan with.

Well, now he is a gross mean OLD dude, ha ha.

Precious Mark was there too, but she doesn't look any different. She still calls Nathan to chat every now and then, and every time I click the button that says Nathan does not have time to talk. Because no, he does not have time to talk to strange women from his past who might be obsessed with him.

I just really liked this picture of Maggie jumping on the trampoline:

Time for another party! To the town center! For real this time, because the garden party was stupid.

From across the square, Maggie sees this dude whom she has never met in her life. Which is surprising, considering he's her age.

She zooms over to him, introduces herself, and starts talking about cool stuff like death.

His name is ALEJANDRO, which pretty much REQUIRES him to grow up to be a saucy latin sexpert. They chatted for a while, but Maggie had hungry guests to attend to, so she grilled up a batch of hot dogs.

She set the nice steaming plate of food on the nearby picnic table and turned her back for one minute, and this asshole, who wasn't even invited to the party, took the hot dogs and threw them right in the trash.

Maggie made up another batch immediately, but by the time they were done, most of her guests had left. Stupid hot dog wasting jerk. Sam, or Alistair, I don't even remember, one of them was there with Heather, and Maggie wanted REALLY BAD to swing on the swings but they were hogging them. So she went home. Hmph!

Seeing Sam and Alistair as adults remind me of how old Nathan really is. He's pushing 50, I would estimate, in sim years.

But he's still young enough to get really excited about looking at the stars through a telescope. D'aww.

Oh and Nathan FINALLY reached the top of the Inventor career. Holy christ on a baguette, it took forever. But at least at the end of it all he got a special ceremony in which the mayor gave him the key to the city!

I've never understood why getting the key to the city was such a big honor. I mean it's not like it unlocks the secret city vault of vast riches, so who gives a flying dutchman.

And then, the inevitable glitching.

Those two froze, and Nathan and Lucy turned invisible. Maybe some day I'll be able to actually play this game that I paid good money for, WITHOUT the constant fear of my game glitching and destroying itself.

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