Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eddie, Future Golddigger

It turns out Addie was pregnant after all. I could tell because of the puking. The puking of motherhood. Three kids in a two-bedroom house is not going to work out, so they moved to a bigger house. At first I moved them into what I thought would be a really nice, ritzy house, but it was actually some sort of strange community house meant for strangers to live in, almost like a dorm. So that was weird. I moved them into a nice big family house instead. Jesus, moving in the Sims takes almost as much time and effort as moving in real life. It took like an hour to get them all settled in, with their stuff unpacked, furniture placed, and walls and carpet redesigned, because yeech. If you thought the seventies wallpaper in their old house was bad, you should've seen the stuff in this house.

Eddie got on the honor roll at school. One afternoon he went over to Liza's house after school, instead of her coming to their house like usual. I wasn't paying much attention until I got the message, "Eddie has learned that Liza is rich!" ... Quoi?  I zoomed the camera over and this is what I saw.

JUST LOOK AT THAT HUMONGOUS HOUSE. Eddie, you need to marry this girl. Even if she does wear watermelon pants. And move into her house. And kill off any remaining old relatives, and let your family move in. I have never conceived of a better plan.

They played chess and listened to classical music in their weird garden thing. Only incredibly rich people have weird garden things.

Meanwhile, Toby has randomly decided to become a doctor. Hooray! With a doctor father and a secret agent mother, maybe they won't have to marry into money and then kill off the in-laws! But before he can become a World-Renowned Surgeon, he needs to be an Organ Donor. That... seems like a very limited field. Thankfully he was only an organ donor for one day. They can't take out too many organs in one day, can they?

Addie's belly gets bigger and bigger until it's time to have the baby. Toby and Eddie FREAK THE HELL OUT.

Addie is grunting and groaning, Toby and Eddie are screaming like terrified little girls, the TV is on, and Nathan is on the floor playing with blocks and yelling. It's a very noisy situation. Speaking of little girls, I might as well give up on the idea of them ever having a daughter, because the baby is yet another boy. I stick with the idea of naming the kids after movie characters, and name him Shaun. He is Absent-Minded and Brave.

When I swung the camera around to look at Toby in this picture, by the way, this is what he looked like:

He looks less like he's freaking out and more like he's giving Addie a striptease. To take her mind off the pain of labor? I don't know. But check out that package. Mee-ow.

Yeah, Toby knows he's hot in his pink scrubs.

Eddie is about to grow into a teenager, which is when the real fun will begin and we'll see some drama again. Nothing is as dramatic as a teenager's day-to-day life.


  1. Did you use cheats at all while doing this? Taking care of 3 kids AND two adults would be INSANE!!

  2. The only cheat I've used was to make the kids age faster so there wouldn't be such an age difference between them and their parents. I wanted at least Eddie to become a teenager before Addie became an elder.

    I didn't use cheats with Elizabeth and Agnes, her parents, either. Not even money cheats.