Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Matters

Molly started sleeping in Nathan's bed suddenly, all on her own. He went upstairs and found her snoozing away, then shrugged, got under the covers and snuggled her. It was adorable. I guess Molly's room is a spare bedroom now.

Babies are boring, so I'll skip to the toddler years. Toddler years are only slightly more interesting, so there's not much to say here either. Here are pictures of Lucy and Maggie as soon as they entered the Toddler phase.

What a cutie!

Haha, just kidding.

I think I'll start referring to childrens' birthdays as phases. When my kid sister turns seven in May, I can be all, "Congratulations on entering the Child phase!"

I gave Lucy and Maggie makeovers, because their default kids' clothes were weird. As usual. And now, some cute toddler scenes.

Teaching Lucy how to talk. 

Look at their adorable little animal PJs! 

Maggie is all OMNOM BLOCKS and Lucy is all "Excuse me, I am TRYING to DRAW here." 

This photo makes them look so woodsy.

I think Maggie is going to be a little spitfire.

The girls play very nicely together. Much more than Sam and Alistair ever did. 

And speaking of the boys, Nathan decided to reconnect with his sons after years without even seeing them on the street. He called up their house and invited them both over. They were happy to come.

A goony face and ridiculous clothing. Alistair is Nathan's kid, alright. In fact I'm surprised he coordinated his clothing to match at all.

Sam immediately talked to Nathan about real estate for hours on end.  They all jumped on the trampoline together, had a snack, and sat and talked for a while. Then it was time for the boys to head home and Nathan gave each of them a big hug.

 Pardon me while I wipe this solitary tear from my eye.

Nathan will be spending more time with his boys from now on. They've both developed negative traits while staying with their mother, and he wants to make sure they're growing up right.

Molly has a new hobby. When she's not working at the hospital, reading medical journals, or taking care of the girls, she sits at her laptop and writes.

What does she write? I'm glad you asked! She writes children's novels, and she's in the process of putting together a set to donate to the local library. I told you, Molly is the best sim ever.

One day, after tending to the girls for like five hours straight because toddlers are needy bitches, Nathan does this:

 Then they kinda forgot about it for a long time. Nathan and Molly are the most lackluster couple. Their relationship is basically the result of a lot of "Eh, why not?" and "Might as well."

Somehow, even though she's still a Young Adult with twin toddlers who had a messy affair with her boss, Molly also managed to reach the top of the Medical career and achieve her lifetime goal of becoming a World-Renowned Surgeon. Now that she's gotten her lifetime wish, she can quit the medical career. She's been wanting to for a long time, but she was so close to achieving that goal and she didn't want to throw away all the effort she'd put into it. The day she received her final promotion, Nathan surprised her on the porch and said, "Let's get married!" And Molly thought, "Oh yeah, we're engaged, aren't we?" So they tied the knot right there, Molly all in her strange work clothes that EA is trying to pass of as surgeon garb, but we all know it's a mad scientist outfit. Look at that coat.

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