Friday, February 4, 2011

Nathan's Change of Heart

Once Sam and Alistair were born, Heather issued an ultimatum to Nathan: He had to choose between his career of evil and his family. The stress of being married to the greatest criminal in the world was too much for her, and she didn't want the boys growing up in that sort of environment. Nathan, in a surprisingly un-evil move, chose to stay with his family and give up his life of crime. I used some of his lifetime rewards points to change his Evil trait to Eccentric. Now there's no threat of him wanting to steal candy from his own babies.

Since he's unemployed now, Nathan stays at home with Heather and helps raise the boys. She handles most of it though, which means he spends a lot of time moping around the house or lounging by the pool. He's also started growing his hair out, and he stopped shaving.

I think he's bored. He's playing a lot of guitar, though.

Meanwhile, the boys grow into the toddler stage.

Meet Sam:

And Alistair:

Alistair, get your finger out of your nose.

He has little pink cacti on his diaper.

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