Friday, February 4, 2011

Troubled Times for a Troubled Man

Nathan may have given up crime and evil, but his past still haunted him in Sunset Valley. So Heather quit her job as Vice President and they packed up their stuff and their kids (and their house, because I'm lazy and didn't want to get them a new one) and moved across the country to a small, inconspicuous town called Twin Creek.

[Author's Note: Actually, my game screwed up again, and Nathan and family would freeze in place or turn invisible after about twenty minutes of gameplay. I could play other neighborhoods just fine though, so I packed them up and moved them to another neighborhood in the hopes that the game would act normally again. It seems to have worked so far.]

They're laying low to avoid notice from Nathan's shady ex-cronies, but that doesn't stop Nathan from delighting the townsfolk with his guitar playing in the park.

Heather wants to have another child already. Nathan can tell -- probably those mindreading powers -- and so he gets all romantic with her in bed one night.

Heather, however, wants no part of it. Buh wha? Ms. Big Family doesn't want to try to make a baby?

Maybe it's because her legs appear to be encased in a skirt of cement.

Then I glance at their relationship level, and HEEEEY, why do they dislike each other so much? They are both on the slightly negative/red side of the relationship meter. This is bad news.

Could it be because Nathan is responsible for her having to leave her beloved career and move cross-country to a town where she knows no one?

Nathan feels real bad about all of this, so he starts acting really nice to Heather, complimenting her, thanking her for all her housework, etc. Eventually he expresses his concern about the status of their relationship. She smiles and pats his shoulder, assuring him that nothing is wrong. Whew!

But then he tries to make babies again, and gets the same outright refusal. Heather even sleeps in another room for the night. So Nathan grumpily goes out to the shed he built in the yard to do some tinkering.

Nathan Newby with a blowtorch is exactly what the world needs.

It is there that he celebrates his birthday and turns from a Young Adult into a full-fledged Adult, alone, in his shorts, in the shed.

Heather has bought a laptop and spends a LOT of time chatting to friends on it. Well, she only has one friend, really. A city council member named Bill Racket.

She and Bill Racket become really good friends. She invites him to the house one day, and this is how she greets him:


They go inside and she makes hamburgers.

Then it's Heather's turn to enter the Adult phase, and for some reason Bill Racket laughs sort of meanly at her in his really deep voice.

Nathan comes home a few hours later, sees the two plates on the table, shrugs, and finishes off Heather's half-eaten hamburger.

A few days later, Heather meets Bill Racket at the beach, where things get a little romantic. But when Heather leans in for a kiss, Bill Racket FREAKS OUT and tells her this is the worst outing he's ever had and basically he hates her. Then he RUNS THE HELL AWAY.

Heather is now very frustrated and unhappy. Filled with conflicting emotions (but mostly angst), she goes home. As soon as she sees Nathan, this happens:

Sorry there's no sound, by the way. I'm not sure how it got turned off... But just look at that sad-ass puppy dog look on Nathan's face. Don't you just wanna hug'im?

After Heather has her little outburst, she takes their twin boys and moves out of the house.

The next morning, Nathan wakes up and immediately sobs for his lost family.

But hey, things aren't really so bad, are they? Nathan just pours himself into his inventing, and now he gets the Enjoying Solitude moodlet because he's a loner and alone. Everything will be okay.

... Except that while he's inventing something, he manages to set his butt on fire.

Man, this is not Nathan's week.

He freaks out for a bit before realizing he should probably do something about it, like maybe call the firefighters.

You just watched a sim snuff film. Sicko.

The worst part about this is probably the awful surfer blonde hair he gets for some reason as a ghost.

Though the bright orange tuxedo is lookin' pretty sharp

Don't worry, though. Since I am pretty much the god of these here parts, and Nathan is my chosen one, I would never let him die. I saved it about two minutes prior to him dying, thankfully, so we'll just reverse time a little and say it was all just a bad dream. 

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  1. Yay, updates! As for the lack of sound in your videos, you probably just need to go fiddle around in your settings and check the box to set it to record it - although I'm guessing you probably know that.

    Not to be pushy or anything, but since I'm here, I write a blog, too - and while most of it is just me moaning about stuff that annoys me, about 1/3 of it is Sims stories, like yours ... and they're not terrible, if you ask me. But I'm biased.