Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nathan's First Friend

After Nathan had that nightmare about his death by butt-fire, he installed a fire alarm in his tinkering shed, just to be safe. He's now a registered self-employed inventor, and he spends his days cranking out gadgets and whatsits so he can sell them. He still occasionally goes to the park to play his guitar for tips, as well. One day while doing just that, he suddenly has an emotional breakdown about Heather.

As he's standing there sobbing, getting tear stains all over his wrinkled tuxedo, a young woman in scrubs walks by and takes notice.

She looks very concerned for Nathan, and he ends up telling her his whole sob story.

After hearing his tale, she gives him a big compassionate hug, and he has a good cry on her shoulder. What a kind lady!

Her name is Molly, and Nathan, moved by her show of kindness, asks her if she wants to join him for drinks at the bistro (EVERY town in Simerica has a bistro). He just wants some company right now. She cheerily agrees, and they end up having a good time. As they're leaving, Nathan turns around to say something to Molly...

... but directly behind Molly, exiting the bistro, is Heather, carrying their son Sam.

Nathan's pretty uncomfortable hanging out with her right there, so he calls it a night. Molly says she had fun, though, and they should definitely do it again sometime.

So two days later, Nathan calls her up and they go to the Red Rendezvous, which is some kinda lounge I guess. There are foosball tables, but some old broad was hogging one and two frat boys were hogging the other. So Nathan mixed up some drinks at the (self-service?) bar and they talked and joked around.

They're really becoming fast friends! That sparkly noise you heard in the video was the sound of Nathan's wish to Be Best Friends With Molly being fulfilled. Molly seems really easygoing and fun.

Oh, but did I mention that as they arrived at the Red Rendezvous, so did the one and only Heather?

It's like she's stalking Nathan or something. After a while Nathan got sick of looking over his shoulder and seeing Heather sitting there, so he asked Molly if she wanted to hang out at his place, and she said sure!

Once there, Nathan cooked up some burgers and they chowed down, and then they danced to soul music until one in the morning.

I think I may be getting a little too attached to Nathan, because I felt such a genuine warmth while I watched him dancing and having a good time with his new friend. I just want Nathan to be happy!

So far, the only thing Nathan knows about Molly is that she's employed in the medical field and she's a Loner, just like him. Maybe that's why they get along so well; she really gets it.

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  1. Aha, we have sound! The song they're dancing to is basically perfect.