Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Military and Moving

Day one of latrine duty for Addie is over, and I must say she's looking like a righteous bad-ass in her uniform.

I'd drop and give her twenty any day.

Actually, the only reason she looks so menacing is because she is horribly stressed out from work. She deserves a big greasy hamburger and a swim at the pool. I would say a swim at the beach, but sims aren't allowed to swim in the natural water -- lake, ocean, whatever it is. Local ordinances, perhaps? Fear of sharks and jellyfish?

These two creepy nearly-identical twins swam a little too close for Addie's comfort. Also at the pool was Tanner Keaton, Addie's old childhood friend and first boyfriend.

They dated in high school, then Addie broke his heart by losing her virginity to him and then dumping him in the same night. She was always out of his league; she was smart, popular and pretty, while he was chubby, a Slob, and a Loser. He was Good though, which is what attracted her to him in the first place. After they made sweet, awkward teenaged love in her bedroom while Agnes and Elizabeth were gone, she kinda freaked out, calling him a slob and a loser, then asking if they could just be friends. Tanner was upset at first, but he loved her, so he set her free. They lost contact for a few years after that, until she ran into him at the gym. She was surprised to see that Tanner had a wife with him, an older woman named Narcissa. It was a bit of a blow to Addie, since she was mired in the process of courting Derik Schmitz, while her old high school sweetheart was happily married with a woman who seemed to be a perfect match for him.

When she saw him at the pool, they gave each other a friendly hug and chatted for a bit, only slightly awkwardly. Tanner was eager to go, and I can't blame him. He probably didn't want to see much of his former love, the young woman who crushed his weak little teenage heart.

A few days later, while running an errand after work, Addie sees a crying woman. It's Janine Ursine, who seems to have some connection with Addie. Any time something important is happening to Addie, Janine is there. She hovers in the background. Addie sees her all over town. I think she might be stalking Addie. For all I know, she followed Addie to City Hall and then waited outside, crying, waiting for her to come out. You never know. She looks kind of crazy. Anyway, Addie, being a good person, stops to console the upset woman. For some reason, Janine's sorrow at that moment turns to rage. She starts screaming and stomping her feet, ranting about some guy who dumped her.

Addie very patiently calms her down, and I start to wonder if the two will become friends. It turns out they have a few things in common. Janine soon says something totally crazy, though, and Addie becomes visibly annoyed.They exchange harsh words and Addie leaves for home.

A quick shower relaxes her, but then the shower immediately breaks. I swear, Addie will never stop having to fix things.

Addie really isn't having a good day.

The next few days pass quickly for Addie as she focuses on her career. She's promoted to Mess Hall Server, then to Grunt. On her day off, she visits the spa for a Swedish massage to take care of all those sore muscles from working out. While she's gone, Agnes and Elizabeth get a visit from the repo man. It turns out they haven't been paying the bills, in typical eccentric old lady fashion.

For some reason, the repo man -- er, repo girl -- is terrified of their house. It might be all the wood paneling.

She repossesses, of all things, the shower, while Agnes stands nearby and gets upset about it. Come on, Addie just fixed that!

Well, maybe the new one won't break so often. Addie goes to work the next day in a cheerful mood, despite Elizabeth standing idly in the bathroom all morning so Addie didn't get to shower. Her pits stank, but she ended up being promoted to Squad Leader! Or maybe she was promoted because her pits stank. Pheromones, and all that.

As a Squad Leader she's making $94 an hour, and with the $38,000 she has saved, it's time to buy her own house. It's an unceremonious affair; she just packs up her bed, dresser, paintings, laptop, stereo, and tiny desk plant, and she leaves.

She gets an adorable little house on the other side of town, near the water. It comes fully furnished, thankfully, with a cute little lawn and patio. I would live in this house if I were a sim, though some redecorating would be in order. I'm cool with kitschy seventies kitchen wallpaper, but a bright teal bedroom simply would not do.

Addie surveys her new abode.

I think things will go well for Addie in her new house, especially since now she can invite her romantic interests over instead of insisting they meet at public places so she doesn't have to introduce them to her batshit insane ahem, eccentric parents. I'll have to explore that possibility soon.

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