Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Objects and Souls Repossessed

Addie got another visit from the repo girl! Usually the game will warn you when the bills are going unpaid, but I must have missed them or something. So of course Addie ended up in debt. I barely pay attention to my own bills, much less my sims'. This time, repo girl took the trash compactor, while Addie seemed to not care a whole lot as she walked by in her underwear, preoccupied with thoughts of work.

Before repo girl left, she also paused to take...

The front door mat? Really? As she was leaving, repo girl did another terrified cowering and biting her nails thing, completely throwing my phobia of wood paneling theory out the window. What is this girl's deal?

Addie has enough simoleons saved to immediately replace the trash compactor AND the rug, so it's no big deal. She decides to give Derik a call to make sure they're still on good terms after their less-than-ideal date last night. The conversation goes well, and they chat for a bit until she has to go to work.

A few days ago, Addie had the opportunity to use her good repair skills to fix a stereo for some random sim. The game likes to have random NPC sims ask your sim to do things for them if they have any skill whatsoever. Well, guess who asked Addie to fix her stereo?

Janine Ursine. I'm telling you, someday we're going to see on the sim news, "Crazy redhead kidnaps, murders political worker Addie Roth." Well, Addie decided to be nice and do it, though I'm not sure if it was out of the genuine goodness of her heart or because she is totally naive about how stalkery Janine seems to be. So Janine dropped the stereo off at Addie's a few days ago, and now that it's fixed, Addie calls her up to tell her it's ready and she can pick it up now.

Somehow, Addie ends up training Janine on her treadmill. I guess she took one look at Janine's jiggly belly and thought she should do something about it.


Addie then treats Janine to some homemade sushi. I don't think sushi is the best dish to attempt when you're not a very good cook, but Addie's a risktaker. I noticed that she waited until Janine ate all of her sushi before digging into her own.

At some point, Addie was promoted to the third rank of the Politics career while I wasn't paying attention. The next day she is promoted to the fourth: Yes-Woman. Now her relationship with her boss is crucial to her advancement, so she invites Ichelle (interesting name) to join her for dinner at the Little Corsican Bistro downtown.

The two are hitting it off marvelously, chatting about work and their shared love of the outdoors, really getting to know each other. Ichelle seems like a very nice wo-- HOLD THE PHONE WHY IS SHE LEVITATING AND GLOWING.

OH DEAR GOD SHE'S DYING. SHE DIED. This is the sort of thing that happens to Addie. If you click on the picture and view the full size, you can see that Addie seems oddly happy. Maybe the gravity of the situation just hasn't hit her yet, or maybe she's thinking that's one less person she has to fight through as she claws her way to the top. Oh god, maybe she... maybe she poisoned her. HAVE I CREATED A MURDERER?

I don't think Addie really poisoned her boss, but either way, Ichelle seems very at ease with her own passing.

Do you see what that says there in the corner? "I really need to take care of some things so I think I'm going to head out. Sorry!" This is Ichelle's reaction to Death himself coming to claim her immortal soul. She needs to take care of some things, like shuffling off this mortal coil. Then she might take a nap, because as you can see, she's very tired. A DIRT nap. I hope I'm as zen about things when my time comes. She even shook hands with Death before leaping into the ground and passing on to the next world. Wait a second... she leapt into the ground, she didn't float into the sky... that means she's going down... uh-oh. Maybe she wasn't quite the nice old lady she seemed to be.

Anyway, Addie's still hungry, so she orders a meal. But a busboy knocks it over on the way to the table! Addie has the option to be kind or to yell at him, and of course she is kind. In return, she gets her meal for free AND a healthy helping of their special Angel Food Cake to take home! I question the restaurant's wisdom in giving Addie ANGEL food, though. I mean, her boss just DIED, here. Come on. Man, what if the angel IS Ichelle? That would be weeeeeird.

So, hey, maybe her boss died right in front of her, but she got a free meal AND free cake! Not a bad night, after all.

I don't know when Addie changed into this little black dress, but a more baffling mystery is the ring of dirty newspapers she finds at her doorstep when she returns home. What is this, some sort of hobo garbage cult sign? Has she been marked by some wacko journalism street gang? I don't think the night can get any weirder. Just to be safe, she calls up the newspaper company and tells them to stop delivering to her house.

The next day after work, Addie feels like visiting the cemetery, presumably to see the grave of her former boss. She finds the graves of Cornelius Nelson and Joel Astroman, and I spend several minutes trying to figure out if that was an intentional MST3K reference or just a coincidence that the names Nelson and Joel ended up next to each other. Joel's last name is even Astroman, which is the kind of surname you might give to a guy who has been shot into space. Eh? Eh?

Anyway, Addie has been promoted to City Council Member. This is the fifth level of the Politics career, which means it's time to quit. It's ironic that she's leaving the field of politics just when she was starting to see some power, but she misses the action and excitement of being an Athlete or in the Military. She needs a career where she can help people, but still be out in the world at large, really getting her hands dirty.


Actually, Addie didn't start off with a uniform-worthy job. First she was a Snitch, then a Desk Jockey. It wasn't until she was promoted to Traffic Cop that she got to wear blue. Now she's a Patrol Officer already. With a promotion every day, this is the fastest she's ever risen through a career.

As a patrol officer, her first assignment is to familiarize herself with the neighborhood by visiting three of her neighbors at their homes. She knocks on the door of the house right next to hers, and guess who answers the door!


It's JANINE. Janine is Addie's NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR, and I never even realized it. Addie may be on to something, here. She decides to question Janine.

Janine seems totally oblivious as she blathers on and makes wild motions with her arms as if swinging a baseball bat. Through the questioning, Addie learns that Janine is a Mooch (no kidding) and Athletic (could've fooled me). She doesn't learn anything incriminating, but she'll be keeping an eye on Janine Ursine.

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