Friday, May 21, 2010

Cops and Robbers


Addie's been busy. Remember how she was a Patrol Officer? Well, now she's heading up her own elite team of secret service agents. Aviator shades REQUIRED. The residents of Sunset Valley can sleep soundly at night knowing this lady's on the beat. Criminals beware!

Okay, so, actually all Addie does is spend six hours a day at the police station doing god knows what, and then she goes into the neighborhood and questions innocent people, then goes home and spends all night writing boring reports about these boring citizens' lives. I'm hoping some exciting development will occur, maybe something scripted into the game already, because otherwise, boy, being a special agent is really boring. Where are the gunfights? The cars exploding? The secret plots to kill our heroine?

Since she shot up the ranks so quickly, she's already swimming in simoleons and has some free time. It's time to see what ol' Derik is up to! She calls him up and invites him over for Round Two. Maybe he won't make the same mistake twice. When Derik gets there, though, it's not what Addie or I expected. Derik has already advanced to the next life stage: Yep, the Elderly stage. When I said "ol' Derik," I didn't mean OLD Derik.

Addie has no interest in dating a geezer, so she tells Derik she just wants to be friends. He's understandably upset.

Addie calms and comforts him, and then he leaves -- on good terms, I think.

But now what's Addie going to do? She has no other love interests. The ones she had at the beginning of the game all moved away except for Derik and Tanner. Tanner's married (and a Slob and a Loser, let's not forget). All of the other males are ugly or mean or taken, and half the town's population is old people. It's like trying to find a date in my hometown.

To make matters worse, Addie has just made the transition from the Young Adult life stage to the Adult life stage. Her biological clock is ticking. She needs to find a baby daddy, and fast. The whole point of this blog is to chronicle the lives and stories of Addie and her descendants, but if she HAS no descendants, it's going to be a very short story.

There's only one solution: Addie needs to go on the prowl.

Now that she's all dolled up, Addie is ready to hit the town and --

... go fishing. Dammit, I can't leave her alone for one minute.

However, there is an exciting development! Across the park, Addie spies this suspicious-looking woman:

Subtlety is clearly not her strong suit.

Addie SPRINTS the fifty or so yards to where the woman stands, then nonchalantly introduces herself as if nothing was up. Right off the bat, she learns that "Jodie Arias," IF that's her real name, is Athletic, Unlucky, and Evil. EVIL!

Pressing the investigation, Addie inquires about Jodie's career, and Jodie casually reveals she's a Burglar. Honestly, Addie's a little disappointed. Her first encounter with a real criminal, and said criminal doesn't even play hard to get. She's all "Sup, I'm a criminal, arrest me plz k?"

Oh well. Might as well question her.

Jodie complies without hesitation! At first, anyway. Usually a questioning ends with some revelation about the sim's personality traits; this time, it ends with Jodie fleeing the scene.

Jodie gets into a beat-up looking car, and I follow where she goes with the camera. She heads straight for Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard's house and goes inside. Pauline and Hank are Addie's next-door neighbors! Addie tails the criminal and asks to come inside.

When she takes a look around, though, Jodie is gone. Either she's escaped through a secret door or she's hiding somewhere. Her own neighbors, harboring a criminal! To make matters worse, Hank is a cop himself, and a good friend of Addie's. She goes home feeling dejected. No more prowling for Addie.

The phone is ringing when she gets in the door. It's a complete stranger calling to tell her that another complete stranger, Jared Frio, has died. Addie has no idea who this is.

"Uhh, okay."

One last idea pops into Addie's head for finding out more about this Jodie Arias. She grabs her cell phone and invites her over. "Sure," Jodie says. "I'll come right over!"

Wow, Jodie is DUMB.

Actually, without her burglar mask and burglar hat on, Jodie looks strikingly familiar. Who does she remind me of...?


What's going on here? Who is this woman?! WE MUST KNOW.

Addie wastes no time in questioning Jodie again. This time she learns that Jodie is a Mooch and a Kleptomaniac. In an attempt to gain more of Jodie's trust, Addie cooks her some spaghetti. Jodie is on her way to the table, spaghetti plate in hand, when the phone rings. She suddenly drops her plate of spaghetti on the floor, says "I gotta go," and bolts out the door. Addie, frustrated, lets it go to voicemail.

The voicemail message is not good. It's Elizabeth calling to tell Addie she should visit, because Agnes is getting old and won't live forever. What an ending to a terrible day. Addie goes to her computer to write up a quick report on Jodie Arias before bed, but all of her notes are gone. Vanished! Did Arias steal them? That minx!

The next morning, Addie finds her notes on Arias. It turns out she had just misplaced them while in her foul mood. She sits down to write the report right away.

When that's done, Addie drives up to her mothers' cabin to visit the ailing Agnes. No one answers her knock at the door. After waiting around for twenty minutes, she drives home to find a message from Elizabeth on her voicemail. Agnes had passed on that morning.

Filled with grief and regret at not visiting Agnes more often, Addie drives out to the cemetery to visit her mother's grave. Yes, she's been embalmed and buried already. Sim morticians are very efficient people.

Well, I think this is a good note to end a post on, don't you? Everyone loves a tragic ending.

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  1. Oh man, I lost it with the picture of Jodie just strutting her stuff in the stereotypical criminal costume.

    Then I burst out laughing again when Addie found out Jodie was evil. "Oh yeah, I'm pretty evil."